Heliskiing with friends in Greenland



No drama

Heliskiing is much more accessible than most people think. Common misconceptions are that you need to be extremely skilled skier and that it is dangerous.

How difficult is heliskiing?

First, you don’t need to be an elite skier to be able to enjoy heliskiing. Fore sure you should be comfortable getting down a black slope but much more than that is not needed.

Is it dangerous?

When heliskiing, you always go with a certified mountain guide an experienced pilot, sometimes even multiple guides and pilots. In opposite to backcountry skiing by ski resorts, there is almost no limitation of opportunities. This means that you will never even choose to land and start skiing where there might be danger. If for some reason, the terrain would be worse than planned, you will simply take the heli and go to another area.

Where can you go?

In difference to conventional ski resorts, there is no limitation on where you can go. Anywhere where there are mountains. It is exciting to experience different cultures through getting out of the capitals and stay with people in remote places.

Environmental issues

My passion for skiing is only second to my passion for nature. All the fantastic experiences from heliskiing are possible thanks to nature. Therefore, it is important so conserve nature. I have chosen to devote a large part of my income to nature conservation.

When heliskiing you usually travel by airplane to distant places. Then you use more gas to use the helicopter. I would not recommend anyone to go heliskiing without supporting nature conservation.