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Welcome to Heliski International, your gateway to the world's most exhilarating heliski destinations. Our journey began with a vision, transformed into a passion project, and has now evolved into a thriving hub for heliski enthusiasts around the globe.

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For consumers

At Heliskiinternational.com, you can search, compare, and book your next heliski adventure. We bring together established and reputable heliski providers from around the world on one platform, making information about their experiences easily accessible and comparable. Whether you're a seasoned heliski traveler or a newbie looking to embark on your first trip, we have something for you. We look forward to guiding you to the right experience for your preferences.

For heliski providers

We wish to be your best partner, supporting you in developing your business in a sustainable way. With Heliskiinternational.com you can reach a relevant segment with potential customers, saving time and money compared to traditional marketing channels.

Our Mission

At Heliski International we're not just about listing trips; we are dedicated to advancing the heliski industry for a bright and sustainable future. Our mission is to inspire and guide, both consumers looking for unparalleled heliski adventures that are not only safe, but also exhilarating and unforgettable. And companies in the industry that are eager to develop their business for the long-term.

Our Promise

With a team led by three individuals who are not just founders but passionate skiers and successful serial entrepreneurs, we promise to do our best to be your best partner, no matter if you are a consumer looking to find the best heliski experience or a heliski operator aiming to develop your business. We’ll do this by being transparent, informed and solutions-oriented.

For Founders

Patrik Gunnarsson -

The Visionary Patrik Gunnarsson, the principal founder of Heliski International, is an experienced skier and entrepreneur with a rich history of exploring numerous heliski destinations worldwide. His vision for this platform started with an ambitious goal: to create a comprehensive coffee table book covering all significant heliski spots across the globe. This book, set to release in 2024, aims to be an essential guide for every heliski enthusiast. Patrik's entrepreneurial spirit and deep love for skiing have been the driving forces behind the inception of Heliski International. Patrik has founded several businesses, including brocc.se, a digital bank.

Sebastian Bond -

The Ski Trip Maestro Sebastian Bond, another seasoned skier whose expertise extends beyond the slopes into the entrepreneurial realm of traditional ski trip businesses. His extensive knowledge and experience in organizing ski trips add a unique perspective to our team, ensuring that every heliski experience we market is not just adventurous but also well-organized and customer-focused. He is a world leading communicator and as a non-native Arabic speaker he founded Kitab Sawti, the world’s largest Arabic audio book company

Marcus Boström -

The Flying Skier Completing our trio of founders is Marcus Boström, a name synonymous with excellence in both skiing and aviation. Marcus, an accomplished skier and serial entrepreneur known for founding educations.com/ among several other businesses. He brings an extraordinary skill set as a commercial helicopter pilot with a Swiss mountain rating. His past ventures include successfully running two helicopter companies. Beyond his love for skiing, Marcus is deeply invested in aviation safety, especially in the context of heliskiing. His unique blend of skills and passions ensures that safety is at the forefront of every adventure we curate.

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Patrik, Sebastian and Marcus

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I hope to inspire other skiers to try heliskiing or go to new places if they already have heliskied.



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