Helipad by the mountains in Greenland

Have you been heliskiing around the world?

In 2024 the first book ever about global heliskiing will be released.

More than 30 of the world's best heliski destinations will be covered, not from the perspective of the heliski operator but from the skier's.

I want to share my passion and show the best global opportunities

No one has ever before listed the best global heliski destinations.

Many heliski lodges produce great publications about themselves but there is no publication for the global heliski community. I want to show all passionate skiers worldwide, some of the best global opportunities.

Skiing among the mountains
Friends who enjoying the mountains in New Zeeland

Fun beyond the usual places

There are wellknown hotspots for heliskiing, by a good reason. Not only these great places will be covered but also the ones you never heard about.

When you go by heli, you will simply get the best skiing experience ever. Combining that with experiencing new places and cultures is a great experience.

Safety first

Always ski in safe terrain with certified mountain guides and experienced pilots.

Beautiful sea by the mountains in Russia
A sunny day in the mountains of Canada
Heliskiing by the Swedish mountains